Conservation & Community

We at Nimali Africa believe nature is Africa’s greatest wealth.

Nimali Africa is responsible and committed towards the environment and wildlife.

Our lodges & camps are designed, built and managed with sensitivity to the surrounding vegetation setting. We have incorporated eco-sensitive features and used the best practice in order to limit our environmental impact.

Nimali Tarangire is set on a private concession of about 1,200 acres touching the Tarangire National Park on one side and the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) on the other side. We share with them a responsibility for sustaining and conserving our natural and green environment for the enjoyment of everyone,today and tomorrow.

Nimali central Serengeti camp is located in the heart of Serengeti and is designed to exert minimal impact on the environment. Our team together with Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) is committed to protect and maintain the wilderness of the land.

Human encroachment and Anti-poaching

Growing human populations and unregulated agricultural expansion are increasingly encroaching into the Tarangire & Serengeti ecosystem.

We have employed locals from the communities surrounding our area as part of our anti-poaching team and easing human-wildlife conflict. They work continuously to protect the wildlife resources in our areas. We provide them with vehicles, fuel, food, equipment, allowances, rewards, GPS, radios and various other related expenses.


Our lodges & camps are eco-friendly and making a very low impact on the environment is key.

We have only six tents thus providing maximum viewing quality for guests and minimum footprint on the land. The lodge & camp are both run entirely on solar including a solar water pump and solar fridges.

In addition, we have a no plastic environment policy, we recycle water and reduce waste. We proud to say that we are efficiently able to provide our guests with all the luxuries whilst being eco friendly.

“The survival of our wildlife is a matter of grave concern to all of us in Africa.. these wild creatures amid wild places they inhabit, are not only important as a source of wonder and inspiration, but they are an integral part of our natural resources and of our future livelihood and well being”

Julius Kambarage Nyerere.


The people who live in the villages surrounding our area are an integral part of helping us to ensure that the wildlife in these areas is protected. In order to protect the wildlife, we must first assist the people who live in these areas. By educating and employing people from the local communities, we are able to provide them with opportunities to grow.

Nimali Africa has an intensive community development program. The provision of school supplies, building materials, medical supplies and drilling water wells for the people living in the surrounding communities.

Clean Water

Many of the children that live in these village are malnourished. The lack of clean water is a serious issue in many of these villages. We have trained a team to operate a water drilling rig which is portable and can be transported into remote areas where water wells are badly needed. We have already drilled several water wells in some very remote areas.

Medical Supplies

Many people in our surrounding community are suffering from diseases due to contaminated water sources. We have assisted by donating medicines to this community.


The majority of our staff comes from the surrounding communities. We offer local communities the opportunity to benefit from tourism and strengthened the local economy.


We have built schools in the below communities in order to provide education to children and have ongoing community projects to create awareness on conservation.
LOBOSERRIT VILLAGE – Built a secondary school
LEMOTI VILLAGE – Built additional school block and installed solar power in entire school. We have donated cement and iron sheets to assist in building more classrooms and financial assistance to the school to help their efforts in upgrading the medical facilities.
MAKUYUNI VILLAGE – Built a two bedroom teachers house.
KIMATOROK VILLAGE – Helped complete several classroom and have an ongoing programme to feed all the school children free breakfast and lunch.

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