Intimate. Interactive. The way

nature intended

Our Vision

Our vision has been to create a private sanctuary not just to escape the stress of daily life but to reconnect with life and the moments that truly matter. Nature is a natural de-stressor. We provide the opportunities for our guests to re-establish a connection by making space for the rest to restore us. From the design of our camps to the services we offer, Nimali provides the ultimate experience to connect with the world’s most prized asset: Nature.

    We are responsible and committed towards the environment and wildlife that surrounds us. We strongly believe that every trip to Africa should benefit local communities directly, to ensure the conservation of wildlife which is our greatest resource.

Commitment To Conservation

One of the biggest threats to wildlife today is human encroachment. With the growing human population and unregulated agricultural expansions, there is a serious strain both on the wildlife and the natural environment where they live. As part of our mission, we employ local people as part of our anti-poaching team to protect the wildlife whilst helping to ease the human-wildlife conflict, particularly for those villages on the front line.The Nimali team helps to educate the community to understand the direct benefit from tourism whilst protecting the wildlife and areas where we operate.


Our hands-on, sensitive approach to our ongoing conservation initiatives has proved hugely successful. It continues to help our local communities which in turn leads to local pride and confidence. The people who live in the villages surrounding the wildlife areas play an integral part of helping us ensure that the wildlife in these areas is protected and in return, we help the community to benefit economically. By educating and employing those from the local communities, we are able to provide them with opportunities to grow and gain economic independence.

ECO Friendly &
Sustainable Vision

Our camps are small and specially designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, to limit the impact on the land. We operate fully on solar for our energy including solar water pumps, heaters and solar fridges. We have a no plastic policy and are introducing refillable water bottles for game drives to decrease the consumption of one-use plastic bottles. Particular attention is given to the recycling of materials. There is a recycling program in place in Arusha and we ensure all items are returned from our camps to this centre.

  • Eco Friendly
  • Fully Solar
  • Water Filtration
  • No Plastic