Safaris for the senses

Come with us to a different Tanzania, where Nimali takes the traditional safari experience to a new level, immersing you in unforgettable African wilderness adventures that engage all the senses - sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  

We connect you in a deep and meaningful way to the Earth beneath your feet and the spirit of wild Africa, leading you on enriching journeys of discovery that leave a lasting impression on both heart and mind.

This is our Africa.

These are Safaris for the Senses...

nimali africa

Located in some of the most iconic destinations on Tanzania's legendary northern safari circuit, our three lodges embody everything that's special about this region of East Africa.

Each lodge is located in the breathtaking scenery of Tanzania’s iconic landscape.

All share an overarching ethos of respect for people and planet.



Our story is rooted in a family history in East Africa that dates back to the 1890s. It's a pedigree that has helped us to create a brand that lives and breathes our passion of sharing our love for Tanzania and the collective knowledge and experience of this magical country that the intervening generations have afforded us.



The Nimali brand is underpinned by a deep commitment to all aspects of sustainable tourism, from working hard to bridge the gap between communities and conservation to reducing our impact on the environment. For us, doing business is about having respect for both people and planet and doing everything we can to ensure your safari benefits everyone and everything involved in it.  

safaris for the senses

Elevating your senses

See... Touch... Taste... Smell... Hear...

Everyone knows the senses, but at Nimali we take them to the next level, accentuating them so that you can experience the extraordinary.

We don't just see, we witness. We don't just touch, we feel. We don't just taste, we savour. We don't just hear, we listen.
And we don't smell, we breathe in the very essence of wild Africa.

We are because we care...

"Nimali is about family. It's been built with family values, is shared with families from across the world and has become an extended family for all of its staff."

-Harjot Mann | Nimali co-founder


We are our stories. And our journal is where our stories are brought to life through our blogs and regular news updates, keeping you abreast of everything that's happening at Nimali.

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