Our story

Who we are,
where we have come from
and where we are headed...


Who we are,
where we have come from and where we are headed...

How nimali came to be

A journey shaped by time

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. 

These three words really sum up the story of Nimali and the way we "do" safaris. 

Our yesterday matters to us because it has defined who we are, as an independent, family owned and operated brand. Our family's roots in East Africa date back to the late 1890s, and the intervening generations have left a legacy to be proud of. We all grew up loving our homeland with a passion that now fuels everything that we do.

Today, we are proud to say that we have created a brand with profound meaning. Nimali means "wealth" in the Swahili language and represents the blessings we have all around us. From the incomparable wilderness areas of northern Tanzania to the wonderful people that we work with and alongside. We get to share these blessings with guests, each and every day.

Tomorrow is all about the future that we are shaping for the generations to come. What is most important to us is the protection of our collective heritage - the fragile ecosystems around us; the wild fauna and flora and the ancient culture of the Maasai. We are committed to preserving the connection we have to nature.


Core values
we always live by

The foundations upon which Nimali is built and the 4 tenets that we live by.

the NIMALI experience

"Capture the stillness and serenity of remote safari plains from elegant tented suites, designed to honor the vivid landscape and captivating wildlife of Tanzania."


An ethos to
be proud of

What started with a passion project of restoring a swathe of former farmland on the eastern border of Tarangire National Park has grown into a fully fledged safari business that's helping to shape the future of conservation and community empowerment in rural Tanzania. All thanks to a deep-seated passion for making a lasting difference. That ethos of having positive impact wherever it operates goes to the heart of the Nimali brand. You can read more about it on our Sustainability page.


Come home
to Nimali

If there's one thing that motivates us at Nimali, above all others it's the concept of "guest experience" - a unique mixture of amazing hospitality, wonderful accommodation, fabulous activities, superb locations, and outstanding, personal service that creates lifetime memories for everyone we welcome to each of our lodges.  Long before we were the owners of a safari company, we were guests, travelling around Tanzania and other parts of Africa, exploring as we went. So when the time came to build our own lodges, we used our own experiences to shape the way our guests interact with us and added lots of personal touches to make them feel welcome, and, most importantly, at home. So, while our guests might arrive as strangers, they most definitely leave as part of the Nimali family.