Being the difference


It's the way we do business
that really matters

It's the way we do business that really matters


Making a positive impact

Tourism can be a powerful tool for change when it's done the right way, supported by the three pillars of sustainable development - environmental, economic and socio-cultural. In other words: planet, people and profit. For Nimali that translates into our support for conservation and local communities, our commitment to having as light a footprint as possible in the wilderness destinations we work in and stimulating local economies through the procurement of goods and services. We call it sustainability in action and it's the Nimali way...

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the wild

Nimali Tarangire is located on its own private reserve on the eastern border of Tarangire National Park, within easy driving distance of both Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. The lodge overlooks a seasonal river that's dry for most of the year, surrounded by acacia trees and iconic baobabs, with private tented suites and intimate guest areas strung out along the riverbank, each with uninterrupted views of the wilderness.


Your safari's hidden benefits

People are a critical part of the conservation equation and are without a doubt the biggest asset Africa has when preserving and protecting our last wilderness areas.Human encroachment resulting in loss of habitat and human-wildlife conflict is the single biggest issue facing us, so including people in the conversation around land use is of vital importance.  

This is where tourism comes into its own. Tourism provides a crucial bridge between conservation and communities, helping both in the process. By ensuring that every safari you take with us directly benefits local communities we are adding value to the concept of protecting wilderness areas for tourists to visit, thereby helping conservation efforts, and uplifting rural communities. 

We employ local people where possible in each of our lodges, providing them not just with jobs but with careers, training them and giving them room to grow and reach their full potential. We also procure goods and services from local entrepreneurs and businesses where we can, ensuring that we stimulate local economies and help people gain more economic freedom.


Our team,
our family

There are no glass ceilings when working for Nimali. Indeed, the sky really is the limit for our employees, the majority of whom come from the local communities on the periphery of the reserves and national parks in which our lodges are based.  Nimali's mission is simple - uplift and empower through ongoing training and opportunity. We encourage our staff to reach their full potential, so if they start out as a gardener or housekeeper and have the makings of a great lodge manager or safari guide, we give them the chance to move upwards, growing and expanding their skills as they go.  Our people are our biggest asset and we're truly proud of the team we have built and the family spirit they have created.


Touching the Earth lightly

Nimali takes its operational responsibilities very seriously and ensures that each of its lodges is as kind to the environment as possible, with absolutely no "greenwashing". We promise. Our lodges have been designed to be eco-friendly and limit the negative impact on the eco-systems that surround them. We operate fully on solar energy, from our water pumps and heaters to our fridges and lighting. We have a strict no plastic policy and use our own filtered water in refillable water bottles on game drives. 

We also focus on recycling everything we can, using a pioneering recycling programme in Arusha that receives all of the waste from our lodges, leaving nothing to damage the wilderness areas we operate in.   


"At Nimali we understand that sustainability depends on inclusivity at every level of our business, allowing our team to directly contribute to the decision-making process so that we evolve together as a brand and as custodians of the wilderness around us."

-Harjot Mann | Nimali co-founder