A game of hide and seek!



A game of hide and seek!




Nimali Africa


October 2023

Discover Nimali Tarangire's underground hide

It's great to have something that no-one else has - a real "one of a kind" and something new and exciting to boot. Which is why we're so excited about Nimali Tarangire's underground hide - the first that we know of in Tanzania. Offering a stunning eye-level view of animals coming to drink at a waterhole in front of the lodge, it's rapidly becoming the "go to" for keen wildlife photographers intent on capturing unique shots.

Of course, there's nothing like a "Safari for the Senses" for creating perfect images and getting truly incredible photos. Whether you're a keen amateur, just dabbling or on your way to being a fully fledged pro photographer, theTanzanian wilderness is made for you!

And you don't have to have the latest, greatest camera to get amazing keepsakes of your Nimali safari either, because thanks to technology the humble cellphone is now a powerful camera to boot, and perfect for shooting video footage.

Which is why our underground hide is becoming so popular with our guests and a huge drawcard for enthusiasts from all over the world.

Nimali Tarangire's underground hide is located in front of the lodge, alongside a small waterhole.

The art of concealment

Accessed by a pathway in front of the lodge, to the side of our firepit boma and alongside a small waterhole, the hide has been sunk below ground and covered with earth and grass, making it hard for animals (and humans) to spot it. Inside are all the comforts of home and a wide opening that provides panoramic views of wildlife drinking from a unique, ground-level perspective.

It's the perfect place to set up your camera equipment, pop your camera on a bean bag or tripod and wait for the action to happen. Accessible day and night, it's also the best place to see predators coming to have a drink under cover of darkness!

The underground hide is also ideal for capturing some of Tarangire's beautiful birdlife for posterity, especially the brightly coloured lovebirds that frequent the waterhole.

If you're lucky while spending time in the hide, you can spot beautiful lovebirds coming to drink.
Watching lions come to drink after dark is one of the highlights at the underground hide! 

Out and about

Of course, it's not just our underground hide that makes a Nimali safari special when it comes to getting great photographs. We're blessed to be operating in some of the most spectacular and wildlife-rich landscapes in Africa, giving rise to exceptional game viewing and photographic opportunities.

The Tarangire region is famous for its stunning baobabs - perhaps the most photogenic of Africa's tree species, and certainly the most iconic. Taking advantage of the sensational early morning and afternoon light -during those fabled "golden hours" that photographers the world over dream of- can create truly breathtaking shots.

Tarangire is also renowned for its birding, so keen action photographers should keep their eyes peeled for aerial superstars like eagles and vultures which are always exciting to capture in flight.

Tarangire's legendary baobabs are the stuff photographer's dreams are made of.
Capturing a tawny eagle in flight is a wonderful photographic achievement.

Over at Nimali Serengeti and Nimali Mara, the vast landscapes filled with a proliferation of wildlife are the stars of the show, making landscape photography all the more rewarding. You'll need both wide angle lenses and zooms for your photography while on safari, so bring a selection from a 55mm to 500mm if you have a digital SLR camera. If you use a compact camera, make sure you have a good telephoto facility for those wildlife close-ups.

The Serengeti -wildlife photography heaven!

Get out on foot

Exploring the African wilderness by walking through it remains one of the most exciting aspects of a Nimali safari, so take advantage of the opportunity to go out with your guide and walk for a while, camera at the ready. There's no need to take a heavy camera bag when walking. Choose a lens that will suit what you're aiming for and just sling your camera around your neck. There will be plenty of opportunities to use it.

Take your cellphone too for video especially, as your guide will be showing you some really cool things that make for great clips!

Enjoy! And don't forget to share your photos with us by tagging us on social media!

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Travel light when walking, with a lens to suit your needs.

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