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Dine in style with Nimali




Nimali Africa


September 2023

Dine in style with Nimali

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or one of a myriad little snack opportunities in between, the art of eating is one that Nimali has mastered, thanks to the wonderful dining opportunities that our lodges and the African wilderness provide...

When it comes to culinary excellence, sometimes it's not just the food that's the star of the show, but where you eat it! This is something that Nimali understand simplicitly, making sure that every meal is a blockbuster in terms of where it's served, backed up, of course, by incredible food prepared with passion and no small amount of flair.

Redefining "al fresco"!

Eating out is a given when you have the breathtaking landscapes of the Serengeti and Tarangire national parks as backdrops. Meals just seem to taste better when they're accompanied by the African wilderness, and if you have unexpected guests in the form of iconic wildlife species like elephants joining in the fun, then all the better!

Sometimes at Nimali Tarangire, unexpected guests put in a surprise appearance over lunch in the bush!

We like to spoil you regularly with surprise bush breakfasts, set up in advance in a particularly scenic spot, where our chefs prepare everything over a camping stove and serve up your choice of eggs to order while you tuck into a wonderful continental selection, fresh juices and tea and coffee on tap. It's not unusual to be able to some game viewing while you're tucking in, and the views are to die for.

The Nimali Serengeti chefs are "rock stars" in their own right, preparing stunning bush breakfasts on rocky outcrops!

Lunches can also be enjoyed in the bush, or in the form of a picnic if you like. Again, we set everything up for you so that all you have to do is arrive, climb off the open game vehicle, and enjoy the fantastic experience of exquisite food in the most beautiful environment possible.

When it comes to al fresco, dinner takes the top spot though. Why? Because it's a billion-star event. Literally. Dining under a night sky that looks like black velvet studded with diamonds is something truly special and you'll never get bored of the incredible views of the Milky Way above you and the countless stars that adorn it. Add the ambience of a crackling fire and the sounds of theAfrican night all around you and you have perfection.

Dinner in the boma at Nimali Tarangire is a billion-star event!

Eating "in"

Of course, dining at each of Nimali's lodges is also an experience in its own right, with Nimali Tarangire, Nimali Mara and Nimali Serengeti all having gorgeous restaurants with panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness. Breakfast is usually served after morning activities, with a light lunch available before you head out in the afternoon. Dinner is either in the boma or the dining room, depending on the weather!

Breakfast in the restaurant at Nimali Mara, with views of forever...

In between there are nibbles on the morning coffee stop and with sundowners, usually served around the campfire in our Serengeti lodges, or out in the bush at Nimali Tarangire as a prelude to a night drive.

Bush dinners in the Serengeti are a romantic affair, with a roaring fire and lots of pretty lights.

Of course, for those of you on honeymoon or a romantic escape, we can always arrange for in-suite dining if you wish. Just chat to us about what you'd like, and we'll do the rest!

Nimali Mara pours on the romance for dinner "à deux" in the bush.

Let us know your preferences

When it comes to dining at Nimali, we proudly cater to all dietary requirements, so feel free to let us know ahead of time what you like, what you don't like and what you can and can't eat. We can cater for vegetarians and vegans as well. If you're diabetic, please also let us know so we can keep the sugar to a minimum for you.

The trick to getting an amazing meal tailored to your requirements is giving us notice of what you need, enabling our team to plan a menu for you and obtain all of the necessary ingredients to ensure you have the freshest meals possible. Sadly, because of our remote locations, we can't "pop" to the local supermarket at the last minute, which is why we like to plan ahead.

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