The romance of a Safari for the Senses



The romance of a Safari for the Senses




Nimali Africa


March 2024

Nimali offers the perfect escape for lovers of all ages

Here at Nimali we just love love! Whether its an intimate safari à deux, a gorgeous bush wedding for the entire family or a sensational honeymoon filled with fabulous interludes and magic moments, the allure of an African safari cannot be overstated enough, especially when romance is top of your agenda...

The African wilderness has a habit of making you fall in love and not just with your special someone, but with romance itself and everything that comes with celebrating it. It's something that all of us here at Nimali understand implicitly - the notion of spending quality time with the love of your life, deepening the bonds of affection between you and revelling in just being together somewhere incredible, far from the madness of everyday life.

A Nimali safari oozes romance without even trying... Gorgeous locations; breathtaking landscapes filled with exotic wildlife; fabulous levels of luxury and guilt-free indulgence, safe in the knowledge that your trip is benefitting people and planet; and the chance to embark on a journey extraordinaire - a Safari for the Senses - with the person you love most in the world.

Whether you choose Nimali Tarangire, Nimali Serengeti, Nimali Mara or a combination of all three of our amazing lodges, you are guaranteed incredible attention to detail to make your romantic adventure absolutely perfect in every way. Add to this the sheer magnificence of wild Africa and you know your safari is going to exceed your expectations.

A safari evokes a myriad emotions, all of which are guaranteed to knock proverbial socks off. You've got the anticipation of the adventure as you explore the vast wilderness around you, with the possibility of encountering incredible wildlife at close quarters adding to the excitement. Then there's the awe-inspiring landscapes and natural beauty, the fabulous sunrises and spectacular sunsets... You'll experience profound gratitude as you take in the enormity of being surrounded by the untamed majesty of wild Africa and a deep sense of peace and wellbeing as the tranquillity of wilderness permeates your senses.

Add to this the thrill of discovering new experiences that take you far from your comfort zone and a sense of connection at sharing all of the above with your beloved partner and you know you have everything you need for a romantic tour de force!

We engage with you right from the get-go to ensure your safari is filled with the finishing touches that take it from average to exceptional - a bush dinner for two under a billion twinkling stars; romantic rose petal-strewn candlelit bubble baths with bubbly on ice; picnic lunches in the middle of nowhere with iconic wildlife for company... You name it and we will go the extra mile to make sure it happens!

If you want to pop the question, we're on hand to help you plan how you're going to do it and where, and if the answer is "yes", we'll be there with lots of "Champers" to celebrate with you and help you plan the wedding and honeymoon, at Nimali, of course!

Or maybe you've been going through a stressful time together and just need to rekindle the flames of romance that brought you together - no problemo - we've got that covered too, with in-suite dining, intimate spa treatments on your verandah with views of forever and sensual sundowners out in the African bush where you can watch the vast skies turn every shade of orange possible.

Of course, Nimali is perfect for romantic milestones as well, like special wedding anniversaries, landmark birthdays and the renewal of vows. We liaise with you to create wonderful breakfasts, lunches and dinners with celebratory cakes and lots of goodies tailored to suit your special event. We'll help you pair wines and select Champagne and sparkling options and suggest wonderful menus that will wow your lover and entourage alike!

We specialise in small, intimate wedding ceremonies out in the bush, followed by celebratory al-fresco lunches or dinners or, if you want to take over the entire lodge, a fabulous party for your family and friends. We'll arrange an entire safari itinerary around your needs to make sure you create lifetime memories around your romantic celebrations.

Whether you want small and intimate or togo large with all the frills, we'd be delighted to make all of the arrangements for you to make your romantic safari dreams come true.

The bottom line is that everything is possible and we'd love to discuss your needs and help you make your Safari for the Senses absolutely fabulous. So, get in touch and let's start planning!

A romantic safari evokes a myriad of emotions, ranging from excitement and awe to tranquility and profound connection. Here are some feelings that a romantic safari experience can evoke:

Overall, a romantic safari has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions, from exhilaration and wonder to peace and profound connection, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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